The Light of Islam

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Currently, an urgent task for Islamic studies scholars is the study of Islam, in particular, a deep study of the Hanafi madhab, which includes national traditions and values, informing our people with the principles of tolerance and strengthening the ideological consciousness of our youth. Indeed, hanafism is a widespread madhab, which is followed by most of the peoples of Central Asia. Among the four Sunni madhabs: hanafis, malikis, shafiis and hanbalis, the largest number of believers are hanafis. The principles of tolerance inherent in the Hanafi religion were the reason for spreading it throughout the Islamic world, and the study of the Hanafi madhhab has become a pressing issue not only in our republic, but in the Central Asian region and in the regions where this madhab is widespread. This article deals with the development of Hanafi madhab in Movarounnahr, founded by Imam Abu Hanif and the reasons for its widespread distribution in Mawarannahr. It also states that the essence, doctrines and practices of this sect have created a great deal of comfort in the matters of life which have led to the wide spread of the Hanafi madhhab

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