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“Indian Turkic Literature of the XVI-XVIIIth centuries during the rooling of Baburids” This article is devoted to the literary legacy of poets, who played important role in the formation and progress of the Turkic literature in India founded by Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur. It is known, that there are such a stages in Indian literature, which due to objective or subjective reasons have not yet entered into scientific research as a separate subject. And the first of all it belongs to the Turkic literature of In-dia. In this regard the dozens of new manuscripts – diwans discovered in India during the archeolographic expeditions of authors like Babur, Bayrankhan, Mirza Kamhan, Usuf Faryabi, Dida, Samini and Jakhila could be prove of above mentioned. For this reason the investigation of the manuscripts has been completed as following: 1.The formation and progress of Turkic literature in India during the ruling of Baburids dynasty in the light of political, social and cultural life of the same period. 2.The introduction of partly known and new manuscripts selected from the funds of Dehli, Patna, Kanpur, Lukhnow, Calcutta and Haidarabad which concern to the literary relations of Central Asia and India. 3. The outlook, literary skill of multinational Turkic poets in India, their philosophical-social bases connected with progressive ideas of Bhakti. Besides above mentioned in this article the first time also have been given same poetic examples from original of the Bhakti poetry in brajbhasha into Uzbek language in order to show the similar points of both – Turkic and Bhakti poetry. Moreover, the most value in this for us is, that creations in Turkic language written by the member poets of multinational Indian lite-rary family will stay forever as the symbol of cultural cooperation of Uzbek and Indian peoples. So, the first attempt we have undertaken to study the certain distinctive features of creations of Indian Turkic poets from the viewpoint of moral-philosophic contents, thematic, artistic structure and the literary skill spark allows us to speak about the original and great literary phenomenon not only for India, but also to the whole Turkic literature

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