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This article discusses the words formed from the verb in Arabic. The scientific analysis of this topic was based on medieval linguistic sources. In particular, the article informs about the approach of Abu Ya’qub Sakkoki, one of the prominent linguists of the twelfth century, in the way he covered this topic. There are two differences in the basics of word formation in Arabic linguistics, and this scientific discussion is divided into two main schools. These are the two linguistic schools of Basra and Kufa. While the Basra school emphasizes the verb as a base in word formation, representatives of the Kufa school say that this is the participle. Abu Yakub Sakkokiy is a linguist who represses the views of the Basra school. A vivid illustration of this is the theme “Words formed from the verbs”. The work of the scientist “Miftahu-l-ulum” is one of the main sources of linguistics, which has not lost its significance to this day. The second chapter of the book “Miftahu-l-ulum” refers to the verb forms of the nouns. Verb noun words: participle, active voice participle, passive voice participle, adjective, adjectives in superlative degree, a place and a time words, names of the tools. The article analyzes the morphological processes associated with the formation of these nouns, and the phonetic changes in the word formation. The metre of these words)morphological frame( is shown. It is dwelled on the verb units, and the metre of the each word formed from them. Not common metres, and their semantics have been studied from popular linguistic works. Usage of letters in word formation and phonetic-morphological changes were analysed

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