The Light of Islam


This article deals with the religious and psychological views of the founder of the theory of psychoanalysis Z. Freud. There are three periods of Freud’s attitude toward religion. According to Freud, failure to fulfill human desires causes neurosis. Therefore, he must abandon all the elements that interfere with the satisfaction of desires nafs («Ego»). Such elements include, for example, culture and religion. One of the mistakes of Freudianism is that freedom is given to the actions of the nafs («Ego»). In religion, especially in Sufism, the features of working with nаfs are considered in detail. The importance of nafs education is noted. The article presents the thoughts of several Eastern thinkers about the issues of nafs. The article seriously criticizes the thoughts about the proximity of Freudian views to Sufism. Find out the differences between them. Special attention is paid to their four aspects