The Light of Islam


The article describes the processes of sedimentation of nomads of Central Asia in the II century. BC. - II c. AD And also investigated the system of balance of power in the Kushan and Kanguy states. The ancient state of Kanguy, which was located on the territory of modern Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, is mentioned in ancient Chinese written historical chronicles as early as the 2nd century AD. Famous scholars, relying on ancient written sources, believed that Kanguy was “the state of the Saks of Chach”. The Han Empire, trying to establish trade relations with Western countries, sent ambassadors through the territory of East Turkestan to Central Asia. The first ambassador and traveler who had to go through the possessions of Davanya and Kanguy was Zhang Qiang. Emperor Udi sent him to conclude a treaty with the nomadic Yue-chzhi against the Hunnic Empire. Zhan Qian’s journey lasted more than 12 years, but he failed to reach an agreement with Yue-chzhi. But he manages to explore the territory of the Central Asian countries. Among them was named Kanguy, in the headquarters of the ruler, whom the ambassador managed to visit. By that time, at the turn of our era, the territory of Sogdiana was already dependent on the nomads of Kanguy