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The word «ilm» (knowledge) in Holy Quran and comparative analysis of translation options


The article explores the word “ilm” (knowledge) and words made up of the root of the word, which were used in three translations and interpretations (tafsirs) of the Holy Quran in the Uzbek language, in books by authors such as Abdulaziz Mansur, Alouddin Mansur and Muhammad Sodik Muhammad Yusuf. A comparative analysis of translation options, similarities and differences between them, as well as the most appropriate words in these options. The analytical article contains brief reflections based on the interpretations and explanations of the mature ulama scholars of our religion, the explanatory dictionaries of the Uzbek language, as well as the statements and reasoning of ulamas about ayats. The word “ilm” (knowledge) is repeated many times in the Holy Quran. However, in this article, the author considers four cases of his remembrance, namely in: Sura “Ta Ha”, Ayat 52, Sura “Nisa”, Ayat 166, Sura Ahzab, Ayat 63, Sura “Shuara”, Ayat 112. Since, In the Uzbek translations of these sacred verses, there are peculiar differences, the main purpose of the analysis is to clarify the translation, which is more consistent with the original, both in form and content. The purpose of this article is not to determine the superiority of one translation in relation to another. For comparison, the original text is first given in Arabic, then three translation versions and then the analysis is given

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