The Light of Islam


The article contains general information about the state of the madrasas and their number in the Samarkand region at the end of the XIX and at the beginning of the XX centuries. In the article, the author describes the peculiarities of managing the waqf of madrasas, reveals original methods of controlling this industry in the Samarkand region during the period of the Turkestan General Governorship. The influence of the policy of the leadership of the new government by these educational institutions on the activities of the madrasah is revealed. The Russian authorities set the goal of introducing the Russian language into the educational process of the madrasa. The exact number of students in the madrasa is determined from sources. The location of Samarkand madrasas is analyzed in a regional context, and the reasons for the disproportionate distribution of students by madrasa are also disclosed. Provides information about the educational process in the madrasa, taught subjects and textbooks. Studied objective views on the positive aspects and disadvantages of teaching, and used textbooks. Samarkand madrasah of the same period is described in comparison with the educational process of madrasahs of other regions of the region. The main sources of information and conclusions about the Samarkand madrasa are presented on the basis of written sources and archival documents. The author cites a number of independent conclusions on this topic.