The Light of Islam


The present scientific article is devoted to the history of study of works of well-known thinker Mahmud Zamakhshari, analysis of his treatises and his scientific heritage in Uzbekistan. The study of Mahmud Zamakhshari’s scientific heritage has been placed on the agenda after the independence of Uzbekistan. Persian and Turkish versions of “Muqaddamatu-ladab” are valuable for Uzbek lexicology, including it’s lexicography. The presence of Turkic words with both Arabic and Persian-Tajik equivalents was very important and useful in definition their true meanings. This article clearly shows that the study of “Muqaddamatu-l-adab” in Uzbekistan is really valuable work in all sources of language history. At the same time, a number of scientists have contributed to the study of Zamaxshari’s creative works. Comments and comments on the achievements and disadvantages. The main part of the article explains the superior aspects of the ancient Turkic word “Muqaddamatu-l-adab”, which has not been studied so far, in terms of sources, linguistics, linguistic analysis and other manuscripts of the oldest Yozgat-Khorezm manuscript. Scientific researches of well-known scientists such as A. Rustamov, G. Abdurahmanov, A. Aliev, U. Uvatov, Z. Islomov, M. Yu. Hakimjonov, M. Nosirova, Q. Sodiqov, I. Kochchortoyev, V. V. Bartold, works of E. Bertels, F. Dornzayf, N. Sulaymonova, B. Turdialiev, A. A. Boltaev on the study of the heritage of Mahmud Zamakhshari have been analyzed in the article