The Light of Islam


In the context of globalization, intolerance and intensification of conflicts in one region threaten all parts of the world. Indeed, in recent years there have been many trends in the world related to religious factors. These incidents, which often occur in complex and controversial, and sometimes bloody conflicts, show that the formation and strengthening of a culture of religious tolerance, relationships in the spirit of tolerance, respect, attention and cooperation between representatives of different faiths is an objective historical necessity At the same time, the role of religious knowledge in strengthening and preserving peace and stability, as well as the harmony between nations and religions in multinational, multi-religious Uzbekistan is essential. To create a complete understanding of a particular religious denomination, it is important to study its history, teachings, temple, sacred source, religious traditions and rituals, symbols and attributes. Today, semiotics is formed as one of the scientific methods of research in religious studies. Semiotics is an important aspect in the study of the history of religion, its teachings and culture. The article discusses the features of semiotic symbols in the Orthodox Church, their meaning and essence

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