The Light of Islam


The article attempts to briefly explore the great legacy of Amir Khusrav Dekhlavi in the rubai genre. The purpose of the article is to study the ideological and artistic system of the poet’s works, to reveal the poet’s mastery in the rubai genre, and to determine the role of his works in the history of Persian-Tajik literature by analyzing his rubai. It is a scientific fact that he had a profound influence on the works of other poets of the Muslim world, who later wrote in Persian and Turkic languages. Interest in the poet’s work, including his ruba’i, is connected with the fact that the poet managed to create an independent school in the Middle Ages. Amir Khusrav wrote in all genres of Persian literature of his time. He is also a rare philosopher in the field of writing rubai. All the works of the poet are full of philosophical thoughts about God, the universe, man, life, earth, love and have become a unique legacy thanks to the perfect selection of words in his works. The great achievements in this field also belong to the poet’s ruba’i. Although the theme is characteristic of all types of poetry, romance is the dominant factor in his work, and the field of socio-philosophical thought is also extensive. He amazes people by being a talented master who is able to convey any topic with his poems. Obviously, the ideas expressed in the article are aimed at defining the literary environment in which the poet lived and worked, their significance for the poet’s work and their role in the development of Oriental literature