The Light of Islam


The article gives the full name of Izzuddin ibn al-Asir, the date of birth (according to Hijra and the Gregorian calendar) given in the sources, his place of birth and the current geographical location of this area, the views of scientists of that time about ibn al-Asir, as well as information about the madrasa where he received his primary education and his teacher. It also describes the family environment of Ibn al-Asir, the position and authority of his family before the rulers of Mosul, and special respect for them. It is mentioned that his father worked as chairman and treasurer on Ibn Umar Island, and then became deputy vizier in Mosul, in the Zenghia emirate. His father paid special attention to teaching children. At the same time, information is provided on Ibn al-Asir’s brother Majiduddin’s and his sponsorship, as well as on the regular meetings of scientists in their home, and on his younger brother Ziyevdin. The article, in particular, reflects the reasons that Ibn al-Asir, despite the fact that he was Muhaddis, became famous as a historian, and by the end of his life he devoted himself to all spheres, including history, genealogy and other branches of science. Describes the political situation of the time In conclusion, the article presents the scientific heritage of Ibn al-Asir, as well as a list of his works that have come down to us