The Light of Islam


The essence of a sentence and its classification are one of the central questions of syntax. This article compares the classification of words in the science of the Arabian balagф (stylistics of the Arabic language) with the norms of Arabic grammar and Uzbek linguistics. If in the Uzbek stylistics the classification of a sentence occurs in connection with the purpose of the expression of a sentence, in Arabic this is explained by which word the sentence begins, and according to circumstance in the science of maony (the science of the meanings of words). In the science of Maony the classification of sentences is emphasized by the most important aspect that is not found in other languages, particularly in Nahw (Arabic grammar), that is, the goal of the speaker and the state of the interlocutor are taken into account. The article provides examples about the classification of sentences in accordance with reality, the speaker’s goal and the listener’s state as an important factor in the khabar (Notifying sentence) and the choice of speech types depending on whether there is a change in reality in suggestions (non-informative sentence requiring change) in the science of maoni