The Light of Islam


The proposed article focuses on the use of the project method in organizing students ‘independent work as a method of developmental training aimed at developing independent research skills (such as problem statement, information collection and processing, analysis and synthesis of the results) that promotes the development of students’ creative abilities and logical thinking. The project method was practiced in the second half of the 19th century in US agricultural schools by American pragmatist and educator J. Dewey and, in fact, is not new to many countries and is used both in the system of secondary and higher education. In Uzbekistan, the project method has been used as a student-centered educational method since the late 90s of the twentieth century. Basically it was used in the organization of extracurricular independent work of students. The method of projects is based on specificlly organized independent work of students to solve a specific problem (or its aspects). Using this method, project participants usually carry out research activities and create their own intellectual product