The Light of Islam


In this article, types of inscriptions are discussed as they are one of the material monuments associated with the social activities throughout the history of mankind. In this article, three types of writing humanity is using - logography, syllabography and phonographs are comprehensively illuminated; types of writings include not only writings that are currently in use, expressing a language, but also writings that have become long dead. In addition, the article talks about the ancient types of writing described in the book #50 stored in the fund of the Treasury of Resources of the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan. This work, which was copied at the beginning of the XX century, was compiled by Mahmud Gazzani. In this book, from ancient types of writing to medieval inscriptions including 60 different writing types of their developed forms are discussed. There are many types of letters, such as the alphabets of the prophets, inscription «Sarboni» of Adam (PBUH) (3760 years BC ), “Sulyoniy», «Salbabi» writings from the period of Shis (PBUH) (3760 BC), different types of writing encountered in geo-cosmographic works, from specific subjects to specific types of writing used in chemistry – “Baklatil”, “Simyoi sagir”, “Simyo and chemistry”. The letters encountered in these types of writing were compared with many other types of ancient writings, as well as with ancient inscriptions found in different parts of the world