The Light of Islam


This article analyzes the forms of missionary manifestation in a global economic downturn. The article clarifies that in the face of a deepening global economic crisis, the ideological struggle through religion is the most influential force. Indeed, it is worth noting that huge investments are being mobilized to fight on the ideological front. One of the most frequently occurring phenomena in the era of globalization is the growing tendency to spread the ideas of “Gratuitous Aid” and to promote the development of freedom and democracy. They are usually distributed in regions rich in oil and gas. In particular, global control manifests itself in various strategic objectives: political, military, cultural, ideological, economic, informational, and communication. Worldwide ideological struggle is one of the most effective weapons. Initially, the process of globalization was reflected in the international economy and the information and communication sphere and today, as a result of its continuous development, it covers almost all aspects of world development. Thus, the article reflects the views that this process has a direct impact not only on the foreign policy and economic relations of countries, but also on their domestic policy