The Light of Islam


The article discusses the priorities and methods of development of the spiritual, moral and cultural society, the moral and educational properties of development of national statehood thinking in the minds of citizens. The positive and negative factors of modern globalization events are revealed, and the scientific and philosophical analysis is presented. The proposals and conclusions on the development of education and youth education are given. The questions of the formation of harmony in civil society and state relations are considered. It also points to the need to develop a policy of tolerance among different nations living in the country, ensure national unity in society and consolidate national culture and spirituality. The original aspects of scientific and practical measures to improve the legal awareness and culture of citizens in Uzbekistan, the development of national statehood are revealed. In the education of youth, the specific features of the system of mentoring students and their individual tasks are identified. The moral ideas of Oriental thinkers, “The project of five youth initiatives” by Shavkat Mirziyoyev, reflect how ideological immunity is formed in the minds of young people. Thus, summing up the results of spiritual and educational work, identifying and analyzing the achievements and shortcomings achieved, it is important to clearly define future tasks