The Light of Islam


This article analyses the separated lexical groups of words and phrases of Arabic origin, defied in the work of Qisasi Rabguzi by Nasuriddin Rabguzi, fist written in Turkic language based on Islamic sources in the XIII-XIV centuries in Khorezm.The study of Arabic loanwords in manuscripts in the diachronic aspect includes not only in determining the methods of developing linguistic facts, but also studying the history of the people who created it. One of the common ways of the historical development of a language and its vocabulary is the analysis of the words of a language in separated subject groups.The defiition of affiation of Arabic words to certain areas, the thematic grouping will give a complete picture of the spirituality, the legal level of the peoples of that era, and partnership relations with neighboring and fraternal peoples. The study revealed and analyzed 24 lexical groups of Arabic loanwords given in the work and made a scientifi analysis of these words. In addition, there were indicated the researches which performed an analysis of the vocabulary of the language in separated subject groups. Several kinds of proper names, being effctively used in the language of the work, were identifid. It was also concluded that borrowed and exotic anthroponyms, ethnonyms, theonyms and toponyms and religious vocabulary are the most frequently used groups in the language of the work. This research plays an important role in the study of the historical development of the process of borrowing Arabic words and lexical composition in the language of the Turkic peoples of the XIII-XIV centuries.

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