The Light of Islam


A comparative approach to the study of the phenomenon of asceticism within the framework of the teachings of world religions allows individuals to view the internal features and hidden sections of the ascetic experience (as is) and the mood in them as a state of society. The ascetic phenomenon, which has existed in the life of society since ancient times, has become an important and sometimes dominant factor in social development. In the twenty-fist century it is impossible not to notice the rapid growth of countless associations, organizations, groups and individuals, which directly or indirectly reflct the attachment to the spread of” traditional “and” modern “ mystical or mystical-ascetic systems. This factor has a signifiant impact on the increase of the religious and mystical component in the public consciousness, on the attempt to turn the entire spiritual and social life of the world community into a mystical and ascetic one. The present time is characterized not by random solutions of such problems in diffrent layers of social culture, but by the sustained interest of the entire world community. This article examines the phenomenon of asceticism in the traditions of World Religions in the fild of religious phenomenology, which is one of the branches of religious studies.

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