The Light of Islam


The article discusses the medieval movements of medieval Jawanmard Maverannahr. The spiritual foundations of this movement were analyzed in the writings of Hakim Tirmidhi, Biruni, Kalabadi, Yugnaki, Koshgari, Navai, Kashifi and Ibn Battuta. Arabs called Javanmards “Fatiy”, and in Asia Minor they were called “Ahi”. Most authors view futuvvat as a practical side of Sufism. In the following centuries, small elements of Muslim altruism manifested themselves in different literature, in folk customs and traditions, and they also assumed a primitive local form. Sadriddin Aini in his “Memoirs” mentions the “Bukharian Olufta” – a simplified example of the Javanmards who had once a high rank in society. The idea of javanmard “Iisar” – “recognition of the primacy of others” at all times has directed the people of the region to good deeds