The Light of Islam

Aims & Scope

The journal includes sections such as Islamic Studies, Quran Studies, Islamic Law, Linguistics, Actual Issues of Religious Studies, Interethnic Consensus, Philosophy and Psychology, Problems of Philology, Information Technology and others.

The electronic form of the journal is published on the official website of the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan iiau.uz, where representatives of educational and scientific institutions, as well as specialists of local and foreign organizations can be published.

The Light of Islam Scope of coverage.

  • History of Islam;
  • Source Studies of Islam;
  • Qur'an Studies;
  • Hadith Studies;
  • Fiqh;
  • Kalam Sciences;
  • Theology;
  • Classical Oriental Literature;
  • Classical Oriental Source Studies;
  • Religious Studies;
  • Islamic Studies;
  • Sociology of Religion:
  • Anthropology of Religion;
  • Sociopsychology of Religion:
  • Sociopsychology of Islam;

“The Light of Islam” was founded by decision of the Academic Council of the International Islamic Academy, and the members of the editorial board of the magazine are scientists and specialists of this academy and other institutions with a scientific degree and title.