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The article examines the role and significance of verbal groups in the formation of scientific views on morphology in Uzbek linguistics. Although scientific research on this issue was first discovered in the writings of the great scientist Aristotle, later Dionysius of Thrace, a representative of the school of Alexander, also expressed his opinion on this matter. It is impossible to ignore the contribution of Russian linguists to the development of Uzbek linguistics. However, one of the founders of Uzbek scientific linguistics, linguist Abdurauf Fitrat, made a unique contribution to the creation, analysis and transmission of the grammar of his time to the next generation. The names of Gazi Olim Yunusov, H. Kayumi, S. Dolimov, O. Usmon, B. Azizov, E. D. Polivanov, Kayum Ramazan, Munavvar kori Abdurashidov, Shorasul Zunnun always coexist with linguistic science.

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