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In the articleUzbekistan's accession to international documents developed and adopted within the framework of UNESCO contributes to the international legal protection of our cultural heritage by the world community, Uzbekistan's scientific potential, science, culture, historical programs, unique archeological and architectural complexes, national and spiritual masterpieces. Along with the wide range of opportunities to promote and increase the effectiveness of their work in this area, the further development of our legislation in this area, as well as the further development of education, science, culture, information and communication technologies in Uzbekistan. and focuses on opportunities to help it stay strong in its place among influential states. The reason is that the state independence of Uzbekistan is a legitimate result of the hard and arduous struggle of our people for many years. Now the fate of our people is in their hands, they are working hard to strengthen the independence of their country. As an independent state, Uzbekistan has become a party to international conventions and influential world organizations such as the UN, OSCE and ILO. Since gaining its independence, Uzbekistan has taken the path of establishing and developing interstate relations with influential countries around the world, defining the main directions of foreign policy and finally joining UNESCO, one of the 15 specialized organizations of the United Nations. The results of the cooperation since its accession in October to the present are described in the article. The article also covers the relations of our country with UNESCO and its history during the period of national independence. Finally, Uzbekistan's integration into the world community, mutually beneficial political, diplomatic, economic and cultural ties with the world's largest, developed countries are widely covered. The most important thing is that in a short historical period, Uzbekistan has taken a worthy place in the world community, rising to the level of a state with its own independent voice on global issues.

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