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The article is devoted to the altitudinal and biotopic distribution of terrestrial mollusсs of the Zaamin mountains. Faunistic analysis showed that 31 species of mollusсs belonging to 19 genera and 14 families live in this region. The high-altitude distribution of mollusсs was carried out according to the classification of K.Z.Zakirov, where such high-altitude zones as chul (plains), adyr (foothills), tau (mountains) and yaylau (high mountains) were identified. Analysis by altitude belts showed that in the chul belt there are 4 (12.9%), in the adyr belt 20 (64.5%), in the tau belt 30 (96.8%) and in the yaylau belt 6 (19.4%) species of terrestrial molluscs. Biotopic analysis was also carried out for the same altitudinal belts, where a wide variety of biotopes and, accordingly, terrestrial mollusсs in the tau belt were noted. Biotopes such as grassy cover in the vicinity of streams and rivers, shrubs, scree, juniper forests and moss coverings of various rocks are noted here.

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