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The article provides information about the quality of seeds: infestation, germination, humidity and mass of 1000 seeds of some fudder legumes plants. The infestation of seeds in the studied species in natural conditions ranges from 16,9 to 22,4 %, and the moisture content of seeds was 12.9-15.4 %, depending on the species. Hard-seeding is very high, from 80.6 (O.micrantha) to 95.4% (A.sieversianus). Seed dormancy in the studied taxa according to the classification of M. G. Nikolaeva et al. (1985) belongs to the physical group of exogenous dormancy– Af. The rate of water intake to seeds largely depends on the heterogeneity of seeds. Small seeds absorb more water than large ones. In General, small seeds within 2 hours absorb 170-175% of water by weight, large - 4 hours and 160-165 %. In O.micrantha after 7-8 hours there is a secondary increase in water absorption, which indicates the beginning of the growth phase of the embryo processes, which begin with cellular growth. Epigeal germination of plants is observed in the studied species. In O.micrantha at a temperature of 20-220 С on the 3nd day, in O. chorassanica on the 8-9nd day, in A.sieversianus and A. turkestanus on the 10-11nd day pecking is noted. It effects favourably for the legume seed germination using with solutions of microelement salts and protective- activating resource. It is registreted before sowing seeds, using of 0.1% Mo solution increases field seed germination to 10.6-13.4 %, and in the version of worked protective-activating means of ZSS-1b increases to 12.1-15.3%. In the first days of germination, embryo root grows more intensively and hypocotyl. The accelerated growth rate of the root of seedlings and differentiation of the conducting system determine the speed of rooting during the short spring period of the arid zone. With a rapid deepening of the root, the formation of conducting system is also accelerated.

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