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The article contains data on the morphological-anatomical structure of the leaf, stem and flower, the chemical composition of the inflorescence, as well as the reserves of a valuable medicinal plant - the Immortal of Samarkand. During the study, the places of distribution of this plant in the Tashkent region and its biological and operational reserves were determined. In addition, according to the results of the morphological and anatomical structure, places of localization of biologically active substances in the elements of the flower and inflorescence were established, as well as the chemical composition of the basket was studied. On the basis of anatomical study of leaves, stems and flowers, Helichrysum maracandicum revealed diagnostic signs in the presence of essential oil glands in greater numbers on the bend of the corolla and the surface of the wrapper leaves at the marginal and median flowers of the basket, as well as essential oil inclusions in the mesophyll of the leaf in the form of grains, which suggests the possibility of obtaining essential oil also from leaves In order to preserve and increase the biological resources of the immortal Samarkand, the necessary measures have been proposed, such as for the next 3 years to completely stop issuing a quota for procurement. It is necessary to collect the seeds of the immortal Samarkand, in order to sow them in natural phytocenoses. It is necessary to preserve floral shoots in order to naturally replenish communities with seeds. Also, during the years of mass flowering in early summer, the natural territories of the species should be protected to prevent the predatory harvesting of generative shoots of the immortal Samarkand. In order to preserve wild populations, we recommend including H. maracandicum in the next edition of the Red Book of the Republic of Uzbekistan, with status 3

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