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Thisarticle is devoted to improving the system of teaching “Plants reproduction”subject related to social science on the basis of new pedagogical technologies. In the final work, the text of a lecture on the topic “Plantsreproduction”, presented in the scientific program, focused on people and based on modular educational technologies, and developed its didactic support. In the work, based on integrated design, a technological map of this topic has been developed, and a set of prepared cases and test questions on this topic is presented. During the lecture, a set of control questions was developed to clarify the level of assimilation of the information provided to students. For further assimilation of the acquired knowledge and skills in the classroom, as well as the formation of professional competencies, the student is recommended to use the web-kvest technology when performing independent work. Based on the proposed pedagogical technologies, it is planned to teach the topic “Plants reproduction”, which will contribute to the full achievement of the set educational goals, provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills, and also serve as a мature and competent staff in the future.

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