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In the article, mountain-brown soils differ from other soils in their development, genesis, evolution, chemical properties, especially mechanical composition, as well as many other properties and characteristics. These soils are considered as a key factor in their separation from soils, especially with their rockiness, humus content, carbonates, and rock distribution. The results obtained from the point of view of mechanical composition state that mountain brown soils are soils with medium and heavy mechanical composition. The specific gravity of these soils is 2.50–2.78g/cm3, and we see that this indicator is not high in the upper soil layers. In mountain brown soils, the bulk density is 1.26–1.41g/cm3. Bulk density in relation to specific gravity varies slightly. Soil porosity is directly related to specific gravity and bulk density, which are equal to the ratio of their productivity. The porosity of soils on the northern slope is 47-50%, on the southern one - 48%. The obtained data show that the mechanical composition of mountain-brown calcareous soils is 34.22%, medium sandy 47.11%, with large sand particles and large dust particles 32.92 - 47.54%. The humus content in mountain brown soils varies from mountain brown calcareous soils to mountain brown typical soils, and the presence of fine dust and silt particles compared to other types of flat soils, which in turn indicates high macro- and microaggregate properties of these soils.

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