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The scientific research in this article have been carried out in the degradated hills which is full of mine rubbishes around “Marjonbulak gold enriching factory that belongs to Southern mine administration” located in Gallaarol in Jizzakh region. The degradation of this area was appeared because of digging up underground resources and changing of land-reclamation by treating chemically to the soil. The plants from local flora were chosen in order to improve the situation of land-reclamation. Among these plants the effect of the seeds of C. herbaceae that belongs to Cappariceae family to the seed productivity of working with microelement solution and different treatments that were done before planting was tested. It was clarified that before planting the seeds scarification and impaction influenced positively to the seed productivity of C. herbaceae by using the results the C. herbaceae which is the plant of Cappariceae family has been found as the most tolerant and adaptable type for recultivation. Capparic herbaceae has good development peculiarity even in areas with low moisture productivity, unfit for cultivation of other crops, and in severe natural conditions. The technology of growing this plant is not complicated and requires no significant investment.

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