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It is known from history that many works and experiments were carried out by representatives of the medical sphere in many countries of Europe in antiquity, including Greece, in the development of World medicine. Therefore, we are inclined to say that no one except Galen, another Greek physician who lived several years after Hippocrates, had such a great influence on the footing of ancient European Medicine. Hippocrates received the first medical knowledge from his father, a physician - male. His father's colleagues on the island also taught Hippocrates a lot. He then traveled to different countries to further enhance and perfect his knowledge and became familiar with the practice of local physicians. Historical data on the personal life of Hippocrates are very few. There are stories and legends about his biography, but they are manifested mainly in the genitive case. Just like Homer, the Hippocratic name is not only the original name of the great judge, but it is also a diminutive name from different names and nicknames. based on recent years of research, there are opinions that most of the seventy works, which are considered belonging to the Hippocratic pen, belong to the son - in-law of Fessal and Drakon or, the groom-to-Polib. The reason is that Galen Hippocrates, a representative of the major medical field, recognized his works as 11 pieces, Galler 18 pieces, while Kovner claims that only 8 works in the Hippocratic code belong to the scientific work of Hippocrates, and the rest to other authors who have been linked to it [

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