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The article notes that dignitaries are an important element of spiritual heritage, national cultural wealth and a complex of ancient historical monuments. The active use of the period and the historical study of the names given to historical figures, the names analyzed today. It is well known that dignitonyms, like other onomastic units, consist of words. The words that they contain are onomastic lexicons based on the names of things, events, and so on. The fact that such words are studied both synchronously and diachronously suggests that the richness of our language is enormous: as soon as onomastic units are perceived as a separate object of study, they can be studied theoretically and practically. Each society has its own legal norms, its own management style. The state, on the other hand, encourages those who have contributed to its own development and progress in a way that is partially different from society, in various ways and means. Famous historical figures were recognized by individuals, communities and the state and were awarded established ranks, orders, medals and awards.

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