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This article analyzes such an aspect in the work of the American writer Isaac Asimov as modeling the society of the future. It is determined that the main problem before the next step in the development of society, Azimov considers distrust of technologies, and, sometimes, even a certain fear of them. It also turns out that Asimov sees science fiction as a solution to this problem, which he formulates in terms of the theory of evolution. The history of the evolution of human society proves that it must constantly change and develop, otherwise it can simply collapse. In his works, Asimov describes how the active introduction of new technologies into the life of modern society leads to its transformation, a polarization arises between technophobes and technophiles, who, in fact, represent the fears and dreams of people. However, what are the reasons for these public concerns? Fear of technology or fear of losing control? It is this question that manifests itself in many of the writer's works.

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