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This article pays special attention to the problems of Uzbek linguistics, in particular, hyperonymic and hyperonymic, hyponymic and hyponymic relations inherent in the system of language levels and their units, their practice inherent in the system of Uzbek vowels. Linguistic terms serve as illustrative material for the article. The purpose of the study is to study the peculiarities of hyperonym-hyponymic relations in the system of vowel phonemes on the basis of the analysis of hyper-hyponic structures in the dictionaries of Uzbek linguistics. In realizing the purpose of the research, the following tasks are identified: analysis of the literature in the coverage of the relationship between word and term, a critical approach to existing theories; highlighting the relationship between word and term; coverage of hypero-hyponymic relations in the linguistic terminology of the Uzbek language. The following methods of scientific analysis were used in the research: linguistic description, system, statistical, contextual analysis methods. The method of linguistic analysis was used in the analysis of the scientific literature on the research topic. A systematic analysis method was used to illuminate the relationship between hyponym and hyperonym. The results of the research help to organize the terms and interpret the meanings based on the analysis of hypero-hyponymic relations in the terminological system and to include them in the general dictionary.

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