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The article deals with the specific principles and features of Uzbek prose of the independence period. Being one of the specific principles of Uzbek prose of the independence period, it comprehensively covers the specific expression of folklore motifs in an artistic context. In particular, this situation was interpreted on the example of the prose of the writer Isajon Sultan, and his story “Bogi Eram” was involved in artistic analysis. With the help of artistic analysis, the main essence of the story is revealed. The spirit of the character, whose behavior is based psychologically, is interpreted as a serious change in the psyche of the hero in the course of the development of folk motifs. It is also scientifically and theoretically justified by the fact that in modern Uzbek prose writers resort to folklore motives and views to realize their artistic purpose. At the new stage of modern development, it can be seen that the influence of various views and trends in the public consciousness of the world is significant, even in the direction of Uzbek national thought. This is one of the main scientific problems of modern Uzbek prose. In prose, the features inherent in the oral creativity of the people are considered very important for expressing the ideological content of a work of art. Naturally, this situation is also related to the artistic skill of writers, their worldview, and style of thinking. The social environment is always closely connected with literary, spiritual, and cultural life. In fact, people of today's era are in a state of consciousness, updates and changes in the psyche are reflected in the primary, in literature and art. Through this plot, which is addressed to the analysis, the manifestation of folk motifs in the modern literary process is fully revealed, and thus the individuality and features of the writer’s style.

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