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The article discusses specific aspects of Rauf Parfi’s poetry. Thoughts that the poet broke the stereotypes and stereotypes of artistic thinking in the 50s and 60s of the twentieth century, and perfected this philosophical and aesthetic experience in the early twentieth century, served as a special assessment of the poet. The idea that the poet is a poet who has made a great contribution to the development of this content by expanding the artistic interpretations of the issues of independence, national freedom, individual freedom, ideas and concepts about Goodness, Justice, Beauty in the sense of universal values is also substantiated in this article. In particular, the artistic-aesthetic, socio-philosophical significance of the artist's works is not determined by the author's nationality or the culture of the East, the West, the East and the West. the idea that the need to understand how far he can discover remains the main criterion of the world of fiction today determines the basic theoretical value of the article. The main content of the article is that this described process, of course, is also a high assessment of the poet's views on the fact that the poet is a product of a new worldview and worldly taste. The idea that Rauf Parfi and his generation were not children of the Soviet era, but children of universal culture, formed the concluding part of the article.

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