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The factors affecting the yield and quality of wheat grain include environmental, that is, dominant factors that can be attributed to the conditions of sowing grain crops and grain ripening. The quality of the product is determined depending on the number of indicators. Assessment of the quality of the finished product is based on complex indicators, which include physicochemical, chemical and organoleptic indicators. The article examines the qualitative indicators and physical and chemical classification of wheat grain: humidity, degree of contamination, ash content, gluten content. Identified indicators of wheat quality grown in 2018-2019 Factors affecting the quality of grain were studied. The quality indicators and physical and chemical classifications of grain crops grown in the Syrdarya region and accepted by АО "AK-Altyn don" are analyzed. Of great importance in the study was the study of the effect of wheat flour on the moisture content, the level of acidity and the amount of gluten contained in the flour. This made it possible to assess the performance of grain crops with ears grown in the Syrdarya region and accepted for grain processing enterprises.

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