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The article is devoted to the reproduction processes and seed renewal of 3 senopopulations of O. chorassanica Bunge (SP-1: Yangiabad region, in the territory Khojamushkent forest districts; SP-2: Zaamin region, in the south of village Bolgali; SP-3: Zaamin region, in the territory Zaamin forest districts about village Ual) in the adir (semidisert) zones of Uzbekistan. This plant is a typical long-stem herbaceous polycarpic, xeromesophyte, heliophyte, hemicryptophyte, has an underground caudex storage organ – for the supply of nutrients and replenishment of buds. While studying the reproductive biology of plants the works of Ponomarev A.N. (1960), Satsyperova I.F. (1993), Ashurmetov A.A. and Karshibaev H.K. (2008), Yu.A. Zlobin (2009) were used. For laboratory germination rate of the seeds was determined using 4 samples (100 seeds each) according to the method developed for wild plant species. Our research included assessment of bioecology, growth and development, flowering and fruiting, seed productivity, dissemination, seed hardness and variability, dormancy and ways to break it, seed germination and seedling formation, seed renewal and safety survival of seedlings.

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