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The article examines the genesis of the detective genre, poetic models and features of artistic interpretation. The “Godfather” by Mario Puzo and “Shaytanat” by Tahir Malik, as well as folklore and written literature in the history of world and Uzbek literature are comparatively studied. Important conclusions have been drawn about the development of Uzbek detective novels during the period of independence. In particular, the study of detective prose in Uzbek literature began in the 60s and 70s, when Uzbek detective literature was on the path of relatively consistent development. Brief notes on detective prose and moral problems in reviews of some works of Uzbek writers S.Mamajonov, U.Normatov, S.Mirvaliev, I.Gafurov, H.Tukhtabaev, as well as in articles directly or indirectly related to the development of the literary process and in studies of such foreign scientists as L.Ruvinsky, A.Razin, F.Brentano, M.Mayorov, L.Stolovich, E.Kukhareva, V.N.Zhukovsky, R.Powell, O. Drobnitsky, J.Defoe, K.Messenger were clearly visible. Also, samples of Uzbek detective literature by I.Mirzaev, T.Shermurodov, K.Turdieva, A.Ulugov, in particular, reviews and articles on the story of Tahir Malik "Shaytanat", reflect views on detective stories.

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