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The properties of silicon carbide layers deposited to restore spent resources and unusable silicon heaters are investigated. The reasons for the low working life of heaters restored by applying only layers of silicon carbide are clarified. The possibility of restoring and increasing the working life of unusable silicon heaters by applying sandwich layers of silicon carbide and molybdenum disilicide is shown. An advantage of the proposed method is that the silicon carbide and molybdenum disilicide powders used to prepare the suspension can be obtained by grinding pieces (waste) of broken silicon carbide and disilicide molybdenum heaters. At the same time, the problem of disposing of broken waste of unusable silicon carbide and molybdenum disilicide is also being solved.

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Saliev T.M., Kutlimratov A., Raxmonov U.X. Niyazov Sh., Davlatov U.T. Kriterii, opredelyayushie vixod iz stroya silitovix nagrevatelnix elementov i vozmojnost ix vosstanovleniya // Vestnik GulGU, 2018. № 3. –S.15-19.

Kutlimratov A., Raxmonov U.X., Amonov K.A., Saliev T.M. Vozmojnost primeneniya kremnievix solnechnix elementov dlya ekspressnogo opredeleniya teplootdachi v protsesse restavratsii karbidokremnievix nagrevateley // Geliotexnika, 2018. № 4. –S. 26-31.

Kutlimratov A., Saliev T.M., Saidov A.S., Raxmonov U.X. Prichini vixoda iz stroya karbidokremnievix nagrevateley i vozmojnost ix vosstanovleniya // Sbornik trudov V Mejdunarodnoy konferentsii «Sovremennie problemi fiziki kondensirovannogo sostoyaniya, nanotexnologiy i nanomaterialov». – Almati, 2018. –S. 94-95.



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