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This article discusses the achievements of the modern level of development of Uzbek linguistics and the creation of research that is not inferior to the achievements in world linguistics, able to compete with them, as well as the results of research works of Uzbek linguists on translation into other languages, study (reading, familiarization) by wide world scientists, achieved in this direction, the achievements of scientists such as A. Gulomov, A. Nurmonov, sh.Rahmatullaev, N. Makhmudov, M. Khakimov, Sh.Iskandarov and other scientists, left to the current generation. In addition, an attempt was made to focus on the current problems facing Uzbek linguistics and awaiting solutions. Moreover, special attention was paid to the work of all levels and sections of linguistics for the future of Uzbek linguistics. Such works include a brochure on phonetics, lexicology, morphology, morphemics, syntax, PhD and doctoral dissertations, and works created in recent years that explore the linguistic, stylistic, structural, semantic, and pragmatic features of language units. It was discussed in detail that the field of dialectology today lags behind the problems that are being solved in linguistics, and such questions remain open.

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