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The article describes the features of the use of information and communication technologies in the educational process. As a result of the introduction of information and communication technologies in various fields, the concept of informatization of an informed society arises. Informatization of society means the process of using information as the wealth of society, which ensures economic development, scientific and technological progress of the country, accelerating the process of democratization and intellectualization of society. Public awareness is an objective process related to the increasing role of intellectual activity in all spheres of human life. Informatization of society serves to improve the living standards of the population of the republic, to meet social needs, economic growth, accelerate the development of science and technology. The basis of society's informatization are indicators of the implementation of information and communication technologies in the educational process. The main directions in the process of informing the public are: 1. Integrated automation of labor, technological and means of the production process. 2. Informatization of research, design and production processes. 3. Automation of organizational and economic management. 4. Informatization of public services. 5. Informing about the process of training and education. Justification of the role, importance and prospects of using information and communication technologies in the educational process is one of the important directions of informatization of society.

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