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The article describes the interaction of many subjects despite pedagogy in the formation of personality the existence of specific stages in the mental, physical and physiological development of pupils, their role in the system of human relations and their originality and the importance of reading in the formation of spirituality, moral education and the virtues of humanity. It also describes the socio-historical environment, the specific conditions of life and upbringing, the individual, specific biological, hereditary, anatomical-physiological features of the personality, and the connection with the effectiveness of education. The existence of genetic differences between intelligence, talent and ability in humans and the fact that genetic factors have a major impact on human physical characteristics, the formation of many personality traits in embryonic development, brain development is controlled by genetic program, brain's reception and processing of information and environmental factors is central to the article. In the system of continuing education, it is reflected that the formation of the individual is a complex process, its features develop inseparably, that is, dialectically.

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