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An innovative society puts forward new requirements for the training of future mathematics teachers. In modern conditions, there is a need for teachers who are able to carry out independent professional education and personal growth, to develop a future educational route and a position that must be achieved professionally. This competitive math teacher is an indicator of higher professional education. given in the form of one of the tasks of the federal state educational standard and is a sign of the development of cognitive competence in a mathematics teacher. The development of cognitive competence among teachers of mathematics is carried out in the process of their professional training in pedagogical universities in the teaching of various subjects. The practice of teaching professional subjects and psychological and pedagogical studies show that students encounter difficulties in independently predicting, developing and independently evaluating the information obtained in the study of subjects of the professional cycle covered by elementary mathematics. Different levels of abstraction of the course of elementary mathematics, the use of special characters according to part of the course, close interdisciplinary connections of the course, the ability to independently acquire knowledge, skills and experience in certain types of activities creates a need for development. This article substantiates the specifics of teaching a future mathematics teacher and the specifics of teaching elementary mathematics to the choice of educational content, methods, tools, forms, the need to develop cognitive competence in students. lighting is given.

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