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The article discusses problems regarding non-derivative and derivative homonyms using the verbs of the Russian and Uzbek languages as an example. The objective of the study is to determine the general and specific methods in the word-formation system of the Russian and Uzbek languages. Examples of word-building types, in particular, affix word-formation methods inherent in the formation of verbal homonyms in the comparable Russian and Uzbek languages are given. The features and distinctive properties of lexical, word-building homonyms are considered, examples of reflected homonymy in the system of word-building nests are given. Word-building nests are considered as the main criterion for determining the systematic formation of verbal homonyms of the Russian and Uzbek languages. Examples of compiling word-formation nests of verbs in the Uzbek language are given, taking into account the possibility of the formation of the largest number of derivatives in the structure of nests. Fragments of the word formation of the Uzbek language are accompanied by examples. The tables show possible options for the formation of homonyms of the Uzbek language, fragments regarding the organization of reflected homonymy in both Russian and Uzbek languages.

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