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This article is devoted to disclose the theoretical views of the grammatical and stylistic features of English word order. In English language the word order is definite and inflexible. Because of lack of words in English, so it makes constructive expression of person, case, number and tense. The word order plays a significant role in field of words relationships in a sentence. Any kind of sentence in English is one of the units of syntax that could give full opinion and it could consist itself a subject as well as a predicate. Moreover the word order arranges the orders of words and shows subject, object and predicate in the sentences. According to the expression of opinions, words can be ordered in the sentences. It is important for the speaker to have a goal what is necessary to put on the first place in the English sentences. There are three main objectives in the word order, so they are grammatical, lexical and stylistic expression. In the article is given further examples. Also author suggested an idea to the opposite some views of linguists. It will provide certain linguistic practical knowledge that could be useful for learners and teachers of English in field of word orders.

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