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The article investigates the use of cloud technology to provide students with distance learning and discusses the ways how to use it. As a result of the development of information technology, students were given a set of new tools for providing information resources. A number of information technology systems have been created to store, process and access information for users. One of such systems is cloud technology. Leading IT companies recommend to use cloud technology for computer users. The article also provides information about companies offering cloud technology and their use of technology. It also discusses the benefits of cloud technology, its access and use, both in public and in private.

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Abduqodirov A.A., Toshtemirov D.E. Ta’lim muassasalarida axborot- kommunikatsiya texnologiyalaridan foydalanish metodikasi. Monografiya. Guliston: “Universitet”, 2019. - 232 р. (in Uzbek).

Abduqodirov A.A., Pardaev A.X. Masofali o’qitish nazariyasi va amaliyoti. Monografiya. T.: Fan. 2009. - 146 р. (in Uzbek).



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