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This article provides questions on the optimal use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in educational, managerial and other processes, for example, teaching practical and laboratory classes of “Building Materials”. For interest, we selected the following topics of practical training from the “Building Materials” training programs: - Installation and automated use of the elevator service in multi-storey buildings, - Automation elements were used to prepare the mortar, and reached to demonstrate the weight of the resource preparation process in an animated form. In addition, on the topic “Installation and automated use of elevator services in multi-storey buildings,” an algorithm and programs for the automated control of elevators in case of fire and other unpleasant cases were compiled. We know that with the use of automation elements of any system, the quality, reliability and efficiency increase, including the optimal use of all resources.

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info@essys.ru - Avtomatizatsiya liftovix sistem.



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