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Of great importance is the reduction in the biosphere of excessive migration of ecotoxicants, that is, radioactive elements, as well as the prevention along with existing problems of modern environmental problems.To date, the following main tasks have been identified in the study of heavy metals and metalloids found in the soil: 1) the study of metals found in agricultural soils; 2) the use as fertilizers for plants of the biological capabilities of metals and phosphorus found in the mud reservoirs; 3) the chemical nature of metals in the composition of the soil.Central Kyzylkum is an industrial area rich in non-ferrous and rare-earth metals. The study of the biogeotechnological characteristics of plants in a given region is important for the bioremediation of industrial zones.Our study is carried out as part of the study of the biotechnological properties of plants distributed on the liberated lands of industrial enterprises of the Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine located in the territory of Central Kyzylkum and having important strategic importance for the economy of our country, research and monitoring work in this territory has been carried out since March 2017 . The next observation and research work in order to study the biotechnological properties of plants growing on the territory of Central Kyzylkum was carried out in September-October 2018 on a landscape with coordinates 40.031 'north latitude and 60.000 east longitude. Plant species such as C.physodes, K.prostrata, and T.lechmanniana that served as the object of study are considered to be highly absorbing radioactive elements by plants.The practical implementation of the results of our research is important in reducing the excess migration of radioactive metals in the biosphere and preventing existing problems with emerging modern environmental problems.

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