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The article compares the new data obtained on the degree of salinization of hydromorphic soils common in the Mingbulak district, as well as on the dynamics of changes in ground, irrigation and drainage waters, with data from previous studies. Due to salinization of irrigated lands, as a result of filtering irrigated water from irrigation systems, raising the level of groundwater, improper operation of the collector-drainage network, the area of land increases, with a close occurrence of groundwater, which in turn leads to a number of problems in irrigated agriculture , accelerate the processes of salt accumulation and secondary salinization of soils. Territories with difficult reclamation-ecological conditions are noted on the irrigated soils of the Gulistan, Gigant, Fergana and Istikbol massifs, located on relatively low reliefs, in places of lakes and swamps. According to 1971 data, in the Mingbulak region non-saline soils accounted for 6.7%, slightly saline soils accounted for 16.0%, medium-saline soils accounted for 15.3%, highly and very strongly saline soils 10.4%, solonchaks 42.2% and other lands accounted for 9.4%. According to the results of research conducted in 1984, non-saline soils accounted for 4.0%, slightly saline soils - 25.0%, medium-saline soils - 35.0%, very and very strongly saline soils - 24.0%, solonchaks - 9.0%, and other lands accounted for 3.0%. In the 2008-2017 study, no saline or salt-washed soils were found, slightly saline soils accounted for 34.7%, medium saline soils - 31.7%, highly and very saline soils - 6.0%, solonchaks - 1.1%, and other lands accounted for 26.5%.

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