Bulletin of Gulistan State University


It is known that the sustainable development of each country depends largely on the availability of food products for the population. Our country has sufficient conditions to grow abundant and high-quality, affordable vegetables, melons and potatoes. Usually for sowing vegetables such as tomatoes, sweet peppers and eggplants, their seedlings are prepared first in greenhouses and then planted in open spaces. It should be noted that sowing tomato seeds in the open field is more effective than sowing. Temporary sowing of tomato seeds under the film cover and taking care of the growing season can significantly reduce labor costs and increase the overall and high yield of the crop. The introduction of tomato seed germination can save a significant amount of labor, electricity, heat and money needed to grow tomato seedlings. When planted with tomato seeds, the yield will increase and productivity will increase, which in turn will ensure a high economic efficiency.

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