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The authors of the article discuss the results of complex approach to the study of degraded soils using resource saving agricultural biotechnologies used in increasing the fertility level of soils, and the scientific basics of soil fertility level improving, and producing clean, and high quality agricultural crops. Change in the population of oligonitrophilic bacteria was identified in irrigated serographies soil under the influence of autumn bean crops. In control soil areas the number of oligonitrophilic bacteria was 0-15cm 12×103 thousand colony forming unit per 1 gram of soil, in 15-30 cm it accounted for 10×103 thousand and in 30-50 cm it accounted for 7×103 thousand, in lentils sown area the results were as follows: 0-15 cm 30х104 thousand, 15-30 cm 26х104 thousand, and in 30-50 cm depth it accounted for 15х103 thousand, in the area where chickling was sown the results were as follows: 24х104 thousand 0-15 cm, 18х104 thousand 15-30 cm, and in the 30-50 cm depth it accounted for 5х104 thousand, in the area where bean was sown it yielded following results 0-15 cm 19х104 thousand, 15-30 cm 12х104 thousand, 30-50 cm 7х104 thousand. The number of bacteria in the area where autumn bean was sown was accounted for the following: 21х104 thousand 0-15 см, 18х104 thousand 15-30 см, and in 30-50 cm deep soil it was 6х104 thousand units.

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